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Birdmark Input Data Form for Colour Marks

Fill out the following form to register your observation(s) into the Birdmark Database for shorebirds observed along the East-Asian Australiasian Flyway.

Once complete, your data will be sent for automated verification. You will receive a response on your submission within a week. Your observations will be added in the Birdmark database and shared with the original banders of the bird. If you do not receive a feedback within that time period, please contact us at

If you have enquiries do not use this form, which will be processed automatically, but rather send an email to instead.

Step 1 of 5 - Observer Details, Date, and Location


Resighting Date:




Click on the map below to capture the observation location.

Step 2 of 5 - Image Upload (optional)


You may upload one (1) image to accompany each observation you wish to submit to Birdmark.

NOTICE: By submitting your picture you retain copyright but allow the BirdMark admin team to use your picture on their website.

Step 3 of 5 - Species*, Band Details*, and Notes*

*If you have submitted an image (up above), then entering of a Species Name, BTO Code and Notes is now optional. If you do know the Species and BTO Code however, we strongly encourage you to enter them in the below fields.

Species Name*:

Bto Code*:

The Colour Marks Coding follows the BTO format. You can manually input band/flag colour marks by clicking the options on the right-side of the photo below, or you are free to type in a code directly.



Step 4 of 5 - Save Observation to Holding Table (below)

Please add your observations to the Holding Table below before submission to Birdmark. You can add as many birds to the Holding Table as you need by going through Steps 1 - 4. Review the details of your observations and edit any fields by clicking on them. When ready, proceed to Step 5 to submit them to Birdmark.

(This table is editable. To edit a field, click on it and type.)

Full Name


Resighting Date






BTO Code



Step 5 of 5 - Submit All Observations (in Holding Table) to Birdmark